Success Stories

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. We are beyond thrilled to report that Hope nka Mick Jagger's dream of having a forever family of his own has come true. He never gave up Hope and today this little trooper officially became a member of a very special pack. If you remember back in April of last year, Hope came to us in very bad shape. He had various conditions but the most serious was a huge hole in his mouth and past trauma that left him with mandibular and skull fractures. It was agreed that it would take multiple surgeries to restore him to normal. We were determined to give him the chance to lead a normal life. One of our most dedicated fosters stepped up and cared for Mick Jagger 24/7 for many weeks. She continued to foster and care for him until that fateful day when he went to a foster to adopt. Within a week, that special family knew that their home was destined to be his forever home. Dreams really do come true if you truly believe. We'd like to thank his forever family for believing in Mick Jagger. And we can't thank our dedicated foster enough for her immeasurable care and love she gave to Hope.