Success Stories

What is the definition of FANTASTIC? LANI was adopted today. What is the definition of MIRACLE? LANI and SMOKE were adopted together!!! Lani came to us a year and a half ago. She was rescued from a very unhealthy environment where she was contained in an area almost all of her life with hardly any human companionship. Although she was neglected, she is a happy girl and loves people. She was diagnosed to have two huge bladder stones and heartworm positive. She overcame both conditions due to the dedication and tlc that she received from her foster parents who cared for her for over a year. Lani had several issues against her finding her forever home. She was a senior with ongoing medical conditions and she was not a fan of other animals. When her first foster family could not continue due to family situations, her now forever mommy and daddy stepped right on in. They continued the care and nurturing of Lani. One day they saw that Smoke also needed a foster and yup, they stepped in again knowing that it would be a challenge for them to foster both Lani and Smoke. And then a miracle happened. Lani accepted Smoke as part of her pack and the rest is history. Today is the day that Lani and Smoke officially became part of a foster fail forever family with their very own daddy and mommy. We would like to thank Lani's first foster parents who made this outcome possible. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus who makes the impossible possible.